Help! I need a Crash Course on Seesaw!

Not to worry!  Here are some links and videos to get you acquainted with Seesaw in no time. 


First things first.  Here is an overview of the new features of Seesaw.



Now we need to know how to create an assignment.



Don't forget that there is an activity library where activities are already created for you. Learn how to search and find content that might work for your classroom!



Of course an activity you find in the library may need to be customized for your students.  No worries. Here is how you can edit an activity. 



 If you are looking for the shortcut icons to add to your instructions when creating an activity, here they are! 




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April 13, 2020

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We are here to help you!  If you need something, we are just down the hall or an email away.  Please let us know what you need help with. Together we can figure it out!

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