April 13, 2020

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Your Tech Leaders

We are here to help you!  If you need something, we are just down the hall or an email away.  Please let us know what you need help with. Together we can figure it out!

This spring we found new ways to communicate with our students and families.  Many of us have created screencasts and videos to continue learning online.  

However, now we are facing goodbyes online as we near the end of our school year. While there are c...

I've signed into Clever and Zoom and set up each site using the NB28 Zoom Resource website.  Now what? 

Announce Your Meeting

You need to let your students know you will have a zoom meeting with the date, time and password. Use this template to create a poster to po...

It never fails!  The dog barks, kids yell at their video games, or someone comes looking for you and interrupts your recording! No worries.  You can edit your video.  Here's how.

Sometimes links work.  Sometimes they don't.  So far, this is the most successful way to create links.  Please watch the tutorial below for a step-by-step directions.

1.  Find your links.

2.  Create links in a Google Doc.

3.  Download the document to a PDF.

4.  G...

1.  Find a keynote template here.

2.  Edit the keynote for your own class needs. 

3. When ready, watch this video to save the slide as an image. 

4.  Upload to your Google Classroom or Seesaw lesson! 

Connecting with your students is a great way to personalize the instruction and help them feel connected to you.  Below is a series of tutorials on how to create a message or storytime video for your students.  They will love it!

Set up:

  • You will need QuickTime...

Did you know you can create messages at any time and then schedule them to go out in a timely manner? The tutorial below shows you how to draft a message and then schedule it to send at a later date and time.  You can then check it off your "to do" list and rest easy t...

Here are some videos about Google Classroom that will have you up to speed in no time!

Getting Started

Let's start by creating a class.

Here is how you can add students and guardians to your class. 

Creating Assignments

Next we can create an assignment and topic.

You ca...

Not to worry!  Here are some links and videos to get you acquainted with Seesaw in no time. 

First things first.  Here is an overview of the new features of Seesaw.

Now we need to know how to create an assignment.

Don't forget that there is an activity library where...

Sometimes a short video is all you need to get a student started on a multi-step activity.  Do you need to take a quick lesson on how to create a screencast on an iPad?  Not a problem.  Below are step-by step videos on how to create a screencast on an iPad....

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